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Originally founded as an iron foundry in Heilbronn, the company WOLFF was soon specializing in lifting and hoisting gear. Manufactured at Germany’s two production sites in Heilbronn and Luckau since 1854 , A crane is a crane, but only a WOLFFKRAN is a total system with endless possibilities for lifting and handling. WOLFFKRAN offers solutions for economical construction based on a single modular tower system. And it has solutions from S to XXL in the form of trolley jib and luffing cranes from 6 up to 60 tons of capacity.
WOLFF Trolley jib cranes
The classic trolley jib or the topless version, whether with pylons in XXL dimensions or shortened tops with increased lifting capacity, the WOLFF trolley jib crane is the crane for construction.
WOLFF Luffing cranes
Luffing cranes from WOLFF display even in the most restricted building sites power and dynamism.. Be it in the construction of power plants; high rise buildings or complex challenging builds the luffer from WOLFF sets the standard between heaven and earth.
 WOLFF Classics
WOLFF Classics The long tradition of crane construction at WOLFFKRAN is particularly recognizable by the WOLFF Classics. The modular WOLFF crane system enables compatibility with the current series of tower systems.

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