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Self-loading concrete mixers
With fourty years of experience in the design and manufacture of self-loading concrete mixers, Merlo offers a compact and efficient range which is ideal for places that are hard to reach for the conventional concrete mixers or for those needing to produce high quality concrete right at the building site. The DBM models make it possible to produce quickly at the work site mixtures of various types, from the most fluid mortars to low slump concrete, in the quantities requested and at the precise moment it is poured, with innumerable advantages compared to the traditional system of prepackaged concrete.
•    Decreased weight and dimensions for great manageability
 and lower consumption
•    Excellent visibility
•    900 litre tank
•    Self-loading loader
•    180° rotation of the barrel
•    Maximum speed - 40 km/h
•    Hydrostatic transmission
•    All-wheel drive
•    Steel belt which distributes the weights and eliminates the rear counter-weight
•    Yield up to 3500 litres

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